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Oulangan Taika is Finnish and it means the spell, magic or charm of Oulanka. Oulanka is the national park located in Kuusamo and Salla municipalities close to Artic Circle.


We, in Oulangan Taika, organize hikes and day trips to the most impressive nature wonders in Finland. Our goal is to make these wonders available for anyone of you! With us, you can enjoy the enchanting nature experiences of Northeast Finland without any previous hiking experience. Joining on our hikes or day hikes, all you need is normal basic fitness and good footwear. Our service includes all the other gear needed for hiking

We are mostly organizing customized hikes for groups of 3-6 people or customized day trips for groups of 3-10 people. There are also a few open hikes in Oulanka National Park, for which registration is already open for summer 2023.

In addition, our selection includes self-guided hiking experience, which you can read more about in a blog post that will be published soon, and of course under the services on our website.

If you can’t find a suitable hike or day trip, contact us! We will also update the schedule with more open hikes according to demand.

Where do we operate?

Basically the name of the company gives you a good insight where we are based – close Oulanka National park in Kuusamo. it is in the middle of the most impressive and popular hiking trails and nature spots in Finland – city of Kuusamo. In addition to Oulanka National Park, we also take our customers to Salla, Riisitunturi and Hossa National Parks.


Nature offers us all good vibes, great energy and a place to calm down. We want to make these experiences accessible to everyone and encourage people to take up a new hobby.

Our guided hikes are not only about hiking from one place to another, but the hikes also work as good hiking courses. On the hike, we learn the basics of hiking: using the gear, moving in nature, camping, map reading, etc. In addition, we pay attention to the rich animal and plant species of the Northeast region and the special features of the area’s nature.

For the duration of the trip, you will get to the most important hiking gear and, if necessary, also a meal package designed for the hike, so participating in our trips has been made as easy as possible. A comprehensive preparation package, which you will receive in advance, also helps you prepare for the upcoming hike, and of course we are interested in your experience and feedback after hiking with us

Our goal is the smile on your face after the hike and you are full of energy and unforgettable that at the end of the excursion you will return with a happy expression on your face, full of energy and unforgettable memories with you!


Check out our web pages and our offering, follow our social media accounts and join us! Please reach out tome if you want more information or have any questions!

Winter greetings,