Although we have still about 80 cm of snow here in Kuusamo, the summer is getting closer really quickly. Now it is the best time to book your own adventures for summer – whether it will be day hikes, canoeing or longer hikes! We offer wide variety of adventures, which you can have a look and find your own.

Remember that we can also tailor enchanting nature experiences for your group, even including transportations, accommodations and much more!


We had a pleasure to be interview to ScanMagazine April 2023 issue as one of the top experiences in Finland 2023. ScanManagize has large online audience as well as it is availalbe as in-flight magazine on many airlines, including Finnair.

We highlighted the enchanting nature wonders and breathtaking scenery we have here in Oulanka National Pak and other national parks on the region. Our nature, its cleanliness and the peace are unique that we need to cherish. We wanted to highlight the importance of sustainable nature travelling which is key in our operations.

We are partner of Finland Parks & Wildlife and committed to follow the sustainable nature travel principles as well as outdoor etiquette. We are also want to preserve the unique nature we have in Kuusamo by donating part of our incomes to Pro Kuusamo which mission is to preserve nature, environment and the culture on the region.

You can read ScanMagazine article online here.

Guided Hikes on Summer 2023

Schedule for our guided hikes in Oulanka National Park has been published. The schedule is below. Also remember that you can experience the breathtaking nature wonders on your own, for example on our self-guided hikes or with renting the needed hiking gear!

Karhunkierros Short (3 days, 2 nights) – 18.5. – 21.5.
Karhunkierros Entire Route (5 days, 4 nights) – 29.5. – 2.6.
Karhunkierros Short (3 days, 2 nights) – 4.6. – 6.6.
Karhunkierros Entire Route (5 days, 4 nights) – 23.6. – 27.6.
Karhunkierros Short (3 days, 2 nights) – 30.6.-2.7.
Karhunkierros Entire Route – Express (3 days, 2 nights) – 11.7. – 13.7.
Karhunkierros Entire Route (5 days, 4 nights) – 17.7. – 21.7.
Karhunkierros Short (3 days, 2 nights)- 22.7. – 24.7.
Salla – Hautajärvi – Ruka (7 days, 6 nights) – 11.8. – 17.8.
Karhunkierros Entire Route – Express (3 days, 2 nights) – 20.8. – 22.8.
Karhunkierros Entire Route – Express (3 days, 2 nights) – 8.9. – 11.9.
Autumn color special Karhunkierros Entire Route (5 days, 4 nights) – 20.9. – 24.9.
Karhunkierros Entire Route (5 days, 4 nights) – 28.9. – 3.10.

We are also doing overnight hikes on peaceful Keroharjun Kuiskaus (Keroharju Whisper) route. This route offers enchanting nature experiences and possibility to use sauna within the wilderness on our camping place.

Keroharjun Kuiskaus (2 days, 1 night) – 10.6. – 11.6.
Keroharjun Kuiskaus (2 days, 1 night) – 17.6. – 18.6.
Keroharjun Kuiskaus (2 days, 1 night) – 2.9. – 3.9.

We are also adding combined canoeing and hiking experience on Oulanka river and in Oulanka National Park. Stay tuned!


Oulanka River has been mentioned as the most beautiful canoeing route in Europe or Canada in Europe – everyone should experience this route with canoes or kayaks and see the uniqueness of it.

We offer canoes, kayaks and SUP-boards for rent every day of the week. You can pick and choose your own experience from rental all the way to guided canoeing experience on the river!

You can also rent our gear to other locations to Oulanka River or Savinanjoki River. Read more about our canoeing experiences here.


We offer day hikes for small, private groups to many different nature wonders and destinations in the national parks and nature reserves on the region. Would you like to visit on Oulanka Canyon, Korouoma Gorge Valley or Salla National Park Pahakuru Gulch?

Our day trips are all inclusive – transportation, guidance and meals of course during the trip. Read more about our day trip destinations here


Last, but not least, we have our fishing experiences. We have in our open program Fly fishing experience, where you will learn to understand the behavior of the fish and the basics of nymph fishing.

We also organize fishing experiences for small, private groups (min 2 persons) on the best and most beautiful fishing places on the region. Let us know your preferences and we will organize the trip for you. You can contact us on contact form, email or WhatsApp.


We offer also other nature experience services within co-operation of local vendors. Would you need e.g. car transfer service, accommodation, wilderness meal service or themed nature experiences? Let us know your wishes so we can make those come through to you and your group!