I decided to write a blog post to give you some insights or our self-guided hikes and how they differ from the traditional hiking gear rentals. If you prefer hiking alone or with our own private group, I recommend you to read this post

What is the self-guided hike?

Self-guided hike is – like the name describes – hiking on your own (without the guide) on the predefined route.

How it then differs from the normal hike with rented gear? Our self-guided hikes always includes the hiking gear, but also comprehensive preparation package in advance. The package includes in example map with the recommended campsites, route description as well as all the best places to spot. Some of those places you may miss if you just follow the route on the map.

In addition to this, you will get all the needed support from us for any questions you may have – before the hike and during the hike. You can reach us out with email or Whatsapp. You can focus on enjoying the nature wonders knowing that you have support available whenever you need it.

What does self-guided hike include?

Our self-guided hike includes the needed hiking gear – you can read more about the hiking gear package from our blog post.

In addition to the gear, you will get comprehensive preparation package in advance. The package includes

  • Tips for hiking, the route and places to see during the hike
  • 1 hour online orientation meeting
  • Mandatory and recommended items you should pack on the hike
  • Hiking food and hiking energy related hints
  • Instructions how to use the gear included in the package
  • Map, route description and proposed camp locations considering the duration of your hike

Of course, we are also available to answer to any questions before and during the hike. Support is available via email and Whatsapp.

If you would like to get even better experience, you can enrich your hike with the add-on services like

  • Transportation to and from the route (ask also our car transfer service)
  • Complete hiking meal package (breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack). We prefer our local partner, MettänMaku, hiking meals, but other options are available as well. There is always vegetarian and meat options available. Contact us for more details!
  • 2 hours practical course for using the gear
  • Accommodation before and after the hike with our local partner, Ruva Holidays. Ruva Holidays is cozy and peaceful place with great location considering our self-guided hikes. Contact us for more details!
  • Guide with you for the first day and night. This will help you to feel comfortable on during your hike

When you have finished your hike with the smile on your face, we are asking your feedback to improve our services!

What are our self-guided hike destinations?

We offer self-guided hikes in Oulanka, Salla and Riisitunturi national parks. These hikes are done only by foot. In addition to these, we have customized one self-guided hike in Hossa national park which combines both hiking and mountain biking on the same route.

You can find all our self-guided hike destinations on our services page. We are just about to announce new destinations, which will be always updated the mentioned page.

The hikes in Salla national park as well as Salla-Ruka hike is planned especially for self-guided hikes. Salla-Ruka offers option to complete over a week hike. Just let us know how many days you wish to spend in the enchanting and energizing nature on your hike and we will customize the package and route for you!


Contact us if you have any questions regarding our self-guided hikes or just go and book your hike! You can start preparing on your hike and enjoy the nature wonders what our nature can offer for you! Let’s make the summer 2023 unforgettable for you!